About us

The Smartprint company established in 2011 and has earned a high reputation among its partners and customers.


The main business of the company is distribution of 3DP equipment (3D printers, 3D scanners and consumables) to the European market and services of 3D printing, 3D scanning and 3D modeling. We constantly provide our dealers with best prices and marketingsupport. 


As the largest supplier, Smartprint offers a wide range of models of 3D printers and 3D scanners for home and professional use.


All supplied equipment is tight-picked and controlled by our technical specialists.

The company is the official distributor of more than 10 brands: Raise3D (USA), Flashforge (China), Stratasys (USA), Rokit (Korea), Asiga (USA), Mankati (China), Ultimaker (Netherlands), XYZ Printing (Taiwan) Simplify3D (USA), HP (former David 3D Scanners) (Germany), Shining3D (China).

We have a partner reltions with Concept Laser (Germany).


Branch offices Smartprint opened in Germany, the Czech Republic and China. In the nearest plans — to open branches in CIS countries.

Smartprint builded dealers network in operated countries and always invite new partners for mutual benefit cooperation.


Proposed by Smartprint 3DP equipment covers a wide range of tasks: prototyping, development of functional models, models for casting burning, direct printing of metal, injection molding, electroplating, manufacturing of equipment for casting in the ground, etc.

Using 3D printers offered Smartprint, can radically change the concept of the entire production and services, and their range of application is very wide:

  • Industry, machinery, industrial design: the creation of prototype parts, tools, products for future testing or presentation, creating molds for casting.
  • Fashion industry, design: the creation of models of shoes and clothing items — the ability to create completely individual models (for example, specifying the size and characteristics of the foot), production designer accessories and jewelry.
  • Medicine: print layout of the internal organs, the production of individual prostheses and their parts, hearing aids, etc.
  • Education: the creation of visual training modules on a variety of subjects for schools and universities.
  • Geographic information systems: the production volume of colored maps of various scales and detail.
  • Archaeology museum: making copies of valuable finds and exhibits, restoration of the missing parts and the general pattern of archaeological finds.
  • Jewelry industry: creation of models of jewelry, production clichés to make them.
  • Souvenir production: printing individual gifts and 3D figures (modern alternative to photos).
  • Architecture and interior design: the production of architectural models of buildings, houses, apartments, building models of furniture, fixtures and other exclusive elements of interior and decor.
  • Packaging design: create original samples of packaging and containers, bottles, flasks and others.
  • Cinema, theater, art: making models of scenery and copies of items needed for the shooting; production of sculptures and other works of art, the production of replicas.


With its own fleet of printers from different manufacturers, Smartprint provides services, 3D printing, providing a wide variety of customer needs. Orders can also be performed on the unique equipment to foreign partners.


Smartprint supplies consumables, produces adjustment 3D printers, trains operate the equipment, provides warranty and after-sales service. But the most important is that the company constantly informs and advises its customers, trying to maximally improve the skills of working with the equipment and the development of their own business.


Smartprint — is also a manufacturer of industrial FDM 3D printers. The company manufactures its own line of printers, focusing on the production of equipment with a large volume printing. At the same time, there is always the opportunity to develop and create a 3D printer directly to individual client needs.


Using the 3D printer provides almost unlimited possibilities to designers, can greatly simplify and reduce the cost of the production chain, performing an important function for any business save time and money.


Every year, the company participate in many trade fairs, informing the visitors about new possibilities and prospects of development of 3DP industry.

Our team

eugene kozhukhovskyy

Mr. Kozhukhovskyy is an expert in the additive manufacturing and 3DP. He has been exploring the technologies since 2005.

Eugene Kozhukhovskyy

Founder, Co-owner & CEO
igor vovkodav

Igor Vovkodav

Co-owner & COO
alexander gaus

Alexander Gaus

Head of Germany office

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